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On The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

One of my favorite memories from this time was filming for a segment on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. We spent fourteen hours with the crew and filmed in locations throughout the city, using our lackluster acting skills to improvise something based on their concept. The original story had correspondent Ronny Chieng obsessed with the stereotypical rock star lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Having heard about a badass band causing so much trouble that the government sued them, he flew to Oregon to get the inside scoop. He was filled with frustration and disappointment when he learned I spent most of my time with community activism work instead. But eventually, he comes around when he realizes that taking on the government was the most rock star thing a band could do—especially when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was in our corner. Even though they cut down most of the story for the final piece, it was fun to help them produce it. They even gave us a gigantic pastry with our logo on it from Voodoo Doughnut! I kind of felt bad for Ronny because the producer had him wearing uncomfortable, super tight leather pants all day long as part of the original premise.